About Lorelei 

Shop Boss and Co is a women's empowerment and boutique brand created by Lorelei. Helping women overcome obstacles, activate their inner genius to transform their life.  Lorelei resides in Hawaii and is an advocate for all things women empowerment.  She is an author of Completely Loved: Spoken.  A very transparent deep look into Lorelei's life experiences. She is also an artist and all things creative.  

If you get a chance to connect and chat with her you will find she's the most passionate and humble person you will meet. She's the real deal. 

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creator Lorelei of Shop Boss and Co


Helping women embrace their inner genius and activate their creativity.  Shop Boss and Co is a women's empowerment brand bringing coaching and boutique to life thru innovation and inspiration.  Shop our Boss catalog and join our community. We are based in Hawaii. 
I know that there are other women out there wishing they had their business up and running so that they could build their financial dreams and stay home to spend quality time with her family.  We don't lack the ability as much as we need a coach to help build our skills and "kit" to be successful at starting their own business. If you'd like to be a part of our Be You Squad community, click here.


Lorelei's unbelievable gift of innovation brings a thought, an idea to life.  Her vision for the women near and far is that they would realize that they can dream and put their dreams to work and manifest their ideas.  And she provides value thru her coaching clientele in areas of mindset, habits and hustle.

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