About Lorelei 

The Be You Transform Brand featuring Lorelei was created by Lorelei.  Here at Be You Transform we are a women's empowerment brand bringing encouragement, inspiration and empowerment helping women turn their passion in to profits using the Cavna and WIX platforms.  Please take a tour of the site and see the results of a lot of hours, tears and sweat that went to build the coaching and boutique platform from the dirt up.  You will find everything from women's apparel, hand crafted jewelry, planners and more.  To get the full experience click the button below to schedule your 30 min. no cost to you chat to transform your life and your hustle aka work from home business. Have gifts? Do you enjoy making handcrafted items? There's a good chance there is a boutique with your name on it. I can show you how to get it!



I am passionate about helping women transform their life and their hustle. And look awesome doing it.  I know that there are other women out there wishing they had their business up and running so that they could build their financial dreams and stay home to spend quality time with her family.  We don't lack the ability as much as we need a coach to help build our skills and "kit" to be successful at starting their own business. If you'd like to be a part of our Be You Squad community, click here.


Lorelei's unbelievable gift of innovation brings a thought, an idea to life.  Her vision for the women near and far is that they would realize that they can dream and put their dreams to work and manifest their ideas.  And she provides value thru her coaching clientele in areas of mindset, habits and hustle.